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SpaceArena IconA classic arcade style space shooter! Collect crystals and destroy swarms of enemies, in this highly addictive game!


If you are a passionate Mac user and Crystal Quest was among your favourite games, or if you spent countless nights wantonly shooting enemies in XQuest and even if you have no idea what we’re talking about, but you enjoy an addictive arcade game, this is definitely the game for you! We have brought the style to the modern devices, making use of their full capabilites, while keeping the same genuine feel of the classics, that will keep you playing again and again, for hours and hours!


Fly your ship around the arena, make gravity defying turns, collect bonuses and blast your enemies and the mines that are blocking your path to pieces, or swiftly swerve through them using the power-ups you will come across!

– User friendly dual-stick control, completely customizable:
o Left pad shoot, right pad steer, or reverse them
o Pads position themselves where you touch the screen
– Accelerometer – tap anywhere on the screen to shoot
– Classic arcade-style graphics
– Parallax scrolling for the background
– Music by Matthew A McFarland ( http://www.mattmcfarland.com )

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